Praise for Seven Stories

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TONY HUGHES, CEO RSVP Selling and author of The Joshua Principle and Combo Prospecting — SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA

‘Mike Adams has written a timeless, brilliant book for everyone who seeks to lead, influence or sell. Mike has real-world experience and has himself sold more than $1 billion of business. Selling is one of toughest professions and Mike explains exactly how ‘business storytelling is the master key that unlocks all stages of the buying and selling cycle’. I highly recommend this book for anyone in leadership or sales, regardless of their level of experience.’

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MIKE WEINBURG, Author of New Sales. Simplified. and Sales Management. Simplified. — ST LOUIS, USA

‘I. Love. This. Book! Seven Stories Every  Salesperson Must Tell is a must-read for sellers and sales leaders. I'm continually preaching that our "sales story" is our most critical sales weapon, and Mike Adams does a masterful job expanding on not only WHY you need these seven types of stories, but HOW to create them. This book is so brilliantly put together that you will even get value from the Table of Contents. Read this and immediately put Adams' advice to work to increase your sales.’

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Cheryl Robertson, State Director — WA, Microsoft Australia — PERTH, AUSTRALIA

‘Finally a book that calls out storytelling for its relevance, power and potential in the business world.  Mike’s honesty and expertise in nailing and teaching the finer points of the “perfect story” is a great guide for all levels of sales professional to hone and adapt their story telling skills to gain relevance, credibility and significant business outcomes, as well as build better connections with customers and stakeholders.'

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BOB APOLLO, CEO Inflexion-Point Strategy Partner — READING, UNITED KINGDOM

Seven Stories is a masterwork. Mike Adams has delved deeply into a subject that is at the same time fundamental to sales success and yet is either ignored or paid lip service to by most sales methodologies. Its long been apparent to me that top sellers tend to be highly effective story tellers - but the secrets to their success have proved hard to encapsulate into a formula that can be copied by their peers. Mike’s ground-breaking book offers every intelligent sales person a flexible framework that can equip them to be consciously competent in this essential sales skill.

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DAVID MASOVER, B2B Sales Coach • Author • Consultant • Trainer • Speaker — BUDAPEST, HUNGARY

I used a Seven Stories inspired, combined personal/company formation story in a first call with a coaching client last week, it was great - just like the book said, he reciprocated with his story and it led us into a great conversation. This book is seriously good stuff Mike! - well done - I'll certainly be suggesting it to my network and my clients!