John Smibert, Founder of Sales Masterminds, Reviews Seven Stories

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Storytelling - The Difference Between Good and Great Salespeople

John Smibert's review of Seven Stories Every Salesperson Must Tell

I have a passion for elevating professionalism in sales by leveraging and harnessing the immense value brought to us by some of our greatest up and coming B2B sales thought leaders. That’s a story for another day. Yet, as a result of this passion, I get to read new books written by budding sales authors. Some are dreadful. Many are OK. Some are good.

Occasionally I read one that stands out - one that changes my thinking and makes me realise I still have a lot to learn in the sales world.

Mike Adams book “Seven Stories every salesperson must tell” is one of those.

I always knew that storytelling was an important skill for sales success. Storytelling is second nature to great salespeople I know. I have encouraged storytelling in coaching and training programs I have run. Yet, as a result of reading Mike’s book, I realise I have only been giving it lip service. The book explained to me why it is an absolutely essential skill that we should all learn.

He provides everything in this book we need in order to to develop our sales storytelling capability. He explains how to capture our stories, structure them and decide which stories to use at which stages of both the buying journey and the sales process.

This book is the best sales storytelling book I have read. I strongly recommend it to all B2B sales organisations and their salespeople.


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And there's more!

Since reading the book I have found Mike's YouTube channel and LinkedIn articles. I found some great content that is helping me develop my story telling capability. For example I believe this video is a must view for every CEO and Sales leader:

In this 13 minute video Mike very clearly presents a compelling argument for every organisation to develop a story library. He present the value, what it is and how to set it up.

And another! For those who want to learn a simple approach to developing and telling a compelling sales story this 5 minute video from Mike will be good value: