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Mike believes stories are the secret weapon of the best salespeople - it’s how they connect, influence and persuade. But how do you know what kinds of stories you should be telling for maximum impact? author Mike Adams provides readers with a practical guide to effective storytelling, which he has used over the years to sell more than a billion dollars of products and services internationally. Drawing upon decades of experience working with clients across IT, Engineering, Professional Services, HR & Utilities, Adams takes readers on a high-stakes sales journey, using stories to establish rapport and trust, deliver insight, inspire action and close the deal, and in doing so win new friends and collaborators. He shows that when you share purposeful stories in your client conversations, you'll create more new business than you thought possible. Sharing more than 50 stories from around the world, Mike draws on his diverse international sales career to teach and demonstrate the power of storytelling -- from first hello to signed contract. Practical, engaging and accessibly written.

The Business of Story - With Park Howell & Mike Adams

Many sales and business professionals ask themselves questions every day.

“How do I earn the trust of my audience?”

“How can I become an effective salesperson?”

The answer? Ask your audience and customers questions. And after hearing their questions, offer a solution through your own story. Because you can earn trust through storytelling.

When is a particular story applicable for a specific type of audience?

Mike Adams joins me on this week’s episode to share the different stories we need to tell in order to effectively sell. Mike is an engineer-turned-salesman who also authored the best selling book, Seven Stories Every Salesperson Must Tell. He is currently managing a team of salespeople from different parts of the world for corporations like Schlumberger, Siemens, Nokia, and Halliburton.

In the show, we’ll go through a little discovery process together to find each story. Some of the stories may come as a surprise to you, but they are all interconnected to one another. As a matter of fact, we’ve already been practicing them. All we need is to identify the story that works for us and how to tell it. 

And if you’re not a salesperson, don’t worry. Any profession needs to sell their services in some way. Mike believes that our backgrounds are not a hindrance or a limitation. After all, whether you’re an engineer, a doctor, a pilot – you can also be a salesperson. Just like our guest today, Mike Adams. 

Tune in to find out how to use storytelling for sales by mastering seven different stories for your business. 

In This Episode, You Will Learn

  • The stories you should tell versus the stories you should ask

  • The 7 different stories we should tell, their characters and their heroes

  • How prediction attempts to explain the neuroscience and psychology of storytelling

Key Quotes

“There is a high degree of luck that comes with being successful.” — Mike Adams

“It doesn’t matter what you’re selling. The thing we have in common and whoever is buying is a human being.” — Park Howell

“It’s easy to teach people who knew and think they need to learn.” — Mike Adams

“When we acknowledge good fortune in our stories, they come alive.” — Mike Adams

“In order to recognize an opportunity, one must be observant. You must be equipped with the skills, knowledge and values needed to be ready when that opportunity comes.” — Park Howell

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The Salesman Podcast - Will Barron and Mike Adams

#575: Deepening Account Relationships with Story Telling With Mike Adams

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Mike Adams is an engineer turned salesperson.  He has sold and managed sales teams in the United Kingdom, Russia, India, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia for international corporations Schlumberger, Siemens, Nokia and Halliburton.

Mike helps companies find and develop their own stories through his consulting practice.

On this episode of the show, Mike explains how we can tell stories that build rapport, deepen relationships and enable you to close more business inside your bigger accounts.

Seven Stories Featured on the Marketing Book Podcast

Seven Stories Featured on the Marketing Book Podcast

Douglas Burdett hosted Mike to discuss Seven Stories on the Marketing Book Podcast

Named by LinkedIn as one of "10 Podcasts that Will Make You a Better Marketer."
Douglas performs weekly interviews with best-selling authors to help you keep up with what’s working in the quickly changing field of modern marketing (and sales). 

Sales Experts Features 'Seven Stories' in Top B2B Sales Books of 2018

Sales Experts Features 'Seven Stories' in Top B2B Sales Books of 2018

The books I've listed here are new in 2018 and provide insights and actions that will help you deliver real value to your buyers. In a year that's seen a record number of new sales books, these are among my personal favorites because they focus on YOU and how only you can create an experience that will earn customer loyalty and long-term connections.

Loic Simon reviews Seven Stories on LinkedIn

Loic Simon reviews Seven Stories on LinkedIn

Review of Seven Stories by the Social Selling Forum founder, Loic Simon

For me, it's currently THE most useful Storytelling book for Business Developers (and their leaders) ... ... who sell in complex purchasing contexts ... where their ability to guide their customers is paramount to their success and, above all, to that of their customers.

Seven Stories Review by James Muir

Seven Stories Review by James Muir

Sales Book Review – Seven Stories Every Salesperson Must Tell by Mike Adams

Early on in my sales career I noticed that clients remembered the stories I shared far better than the compelling statistics I would offer. A compelling stat? Good for a week or sometimes even a month. Compelling story illustrating the same point? Good for years. This is why I was so excited to read Mike Adams‘ book Seven Stories Every Salesperson Must Tell. Mike Adams has delivered a work that not only explains the science behind why storytelling is so effective but also provides an efficient framework for how and when to create and deliver these stories for maximum effect in sales.

Seven Stories Review by Bob Apollo

Seven Stories Review by Bob Apollo

The 7 storytelling secrets of successful salespeople

I’ve long believed that top sellers are storytellers. They are able to call upon a rich fund of relevant anecdotes that they use to communicate and persuade far more convincingly than a conventional sales pitch could ever do. And in sharing their stories they encourage their customers to tell their own stories.

As humans, we are wired for story, and have been since long before the days of Homer. Some of us are naturally gifted storytellers, and others have to work on developing this critical skill. But we can all learn to do it well if we have the right framework and are prepared to put in the effort.